Global Communications

Technology has made distance nearly irrelevant, the Internet a revolution. Rapid transformations now sweep societies: media converges, new cultural spaces and practices emerge, belief structures shift.

The Department of Global Communications trains global citizens to understand and respond to these phenomena—and to play an active role. Students learn to think critically and creatively about the contemporary environment and to master communication in all its forms.

An interdisciplinary approach in a global world

Because global communications concerns the world, the field itself sits at the intersection of many: sociology, anthropology, politics, literature. How does mass media affect society? Do depictions of gender follow a pattern—and how can those patterns be changed? What are the implications of human-computer interactions? How do film and the written word explore different cultures—and what is the meaning of the messages they express?

In an ever-changing, cross-cultural environment, our interdisciplinary approach draws on the strength of several disciplines. Students are exposed to both theory and practice, with a strong grounding in the field’s historical roots. Global communications serves as your gateway to the world.

The power of political communication

In addition to our already interdisciplinary nature, the Global Communications Department created a Comparative Political Communication minor to serve students interested in a more in-depth treatment of that important overlap. Power, political institutions, policy, the press—it’s rich terrain for exploration.

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