Graduate Programs in Middle East and Islamic Studies

Today, countries of the Middle East and the Islamic world are powerful, active actors on the international stage. Since 2009, the Middle East and Muslim North Africa have undergone unexpected and dramatic changes with varying consequences. These multidimensional changes are ongoing, placing the Middle East and the Muslim world in a new, urgent, and international context.

The goal of our five programs focused on the Middle East and Islamic World is to train well-grounded, well-versed, and well-informed international citizens. Students learn to understand and analyze the region’s long complex past and rapidly changing present. Our programs seek to rise above stereotypes, remain unimpeded by political correctness (or incorrectness), and offer in-depth knowledge from a variety of perspectives.


Five masters programs on the Middle East and Islamic world

Interested students have the choice between five master's programs:

These programs all feature top-notch courses taught by outstanding faculty. Students develop a balanced understanding of the religious, social, political, and economic past and present of the Middle East and the Muslim world.

A rigorous course of study

We believe that students need to be knowledgeable about the past in order to properly understand the present. Our programs feature a rigorous core of lectures complemented by specialized discipline-based seminars.

Approached from different political and ideological perspectives, classes are taught by individuals and scholars of the region and those who study it from elsewhere. This plurality of viewpoints allows students to develop an analytical and nuanced method of thinking about the challenges facing the Middle East and the Islamic world—and to arrive at their own solutions and convictions.

Optional study in the region

Each of the five programs offer their own unique features. In three of our programs, students have the possibility of spending a semester at the American University of Cairo. This direct experience in the region allows students to immerse themselves in language and the rich cultural environment of Egypt.

We invite you to discover all the exciting possibilities of studying in one of our five MA programs.

The future awaits

With the Middle East and Islamic world so important in today’s world—and destined to stay so for the foreseeable future—scholars and practitioners knowledgeable in the region are in high demand. Governmental, international, nonprofit, and private organizations all understand the value of an in-depth education in this area. Our master’s programs provide that education and can lead to important, challenging careers.

Please feel free to explore our courses and meet our accomplished faculty. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or get in touch with graduate admissions to find out how to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.