Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Affairs

With increasing global interdependence, hard distinctions between foreign and domestic policy no longer exist. The Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Affairs (MPPA) combines the rigorous training in international relations theory and practice with the analytical and quantitative tools of policymaking.


The interdisciplinary, hands-on approach of our MPPA program teaches students a wide range of skills useful in careers in government, business, and international organizations. The world is ready for leaders equipped to solve the complex political and social problems of our day.

The MPPA program requirements include 64 credits as follows:

  • Six courses in public policy (24 credits)
  • Five courses in international affairs (20 credits)
  • Three modules (6 credits)
  • Two courses on researching methods and statistics (4 credits)
  • One Research Seminar in Global Studies (2 credits)
  • A 20,000 word MA thesis in the last semester of study (8 credits)

Students may also opt to take a 0-credit/no tuition internship if they so desire.

Research Masters

The MA in Public Policy and International Affairs is a 64 credit Research Masters taken over the course of four semesters. Research Masters at AUP develop perspective and depth in your thinking by adding a twin discipline or language – in this case International Affairs. A Research Masters enables a student to build a solid profile as an expert problem-solver.

Challenging coursework, compelling experiences

The MPPA is a dynamic degree offering the best of two important disciplines. Public policy core classes offer the solid tools to analyze, evaluate, design, and implement policy. The international affairs core provides a solid grounding in the foundations of international relations. Modules taught by visiting professionals offer practical, hands-on training in short, workshop style seminars. These intensive experiences may include anything from a simulation of responding to a real-life conflict situation to creating plans for a virtual NGO to practice financial NGO management.

All together, the coursework provides a well-rounded curriculum to prepare you to pursue exciting career paths.

Leaders of tomorrow; apply today

Whether in the public or private sector, policymakers need to be international and transnational in outlook and vision. Our MPPA program provides students with the rigorous theoretical, analytical, and intellectual training necessary to become leaders in the international public policy or civil society sectors. We teach students to be proactive problem solvers able to understand the complexities of sustainable responses.

If you’re open to new experiences and ready to make a difference, we invite you to explore our courses and requirements and meet our accomplished faculty. Please feel free to contact us or get in touch with graduate admissions if you have any questions. Then make the move to apply online. We look forward to hearing from you.