Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Law

The Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Law (MPL) is a highly competitive one-year program that provides the tools for qualitative and quantitative public policy analysis plus the rigorous focus on public, environmental, and human rights law from an international perspective.

Unique features that make our program stand apart include:

  • Interdisciplinary MA in partnership with Oxford University’s summer program in International Human Rights Law
  • Class size limited to 20 students to ensure an attractive faculty-to-student ratio and strong cohort community
  • A Hague practicum with 36 hours of court observation and discussion at the International Criminal Court


Rigorous curriculum, big rewards

With a challenging curriculum that covers the fundamental knowledge and practical skills of both international public policy and international law, the MPL degree enrolls strong candidates ready to lead.

The MPL curriculum strengthens a student’s application to an American law school, a PhD program in Public Policy in the U.S. or Europe, and their professional profile for a career with government, international agencies, or in the private or nonprofit sectors.

The MPL program requirements include 50 credits as follows:

  • Four courses in public policy (14 credits)
  • Four courses in international law (16 credits)
  • One module in applied statistics for public policy analysis (2 credits)
  • One Hague practicum (6 credits)
  • Completion of the Oxford University certificate program (10 credits)

Given the international nature of the MPL program, students should have a strong familiarity with a second language and can expect to pursue exciting career paths after completing the program.

Coursework and Research Masters

The MA in Public Policy and International Law is a 50 credit Coursework and Research Masters. Coursework and Research Masters at AUP open up international horizons and enable career-transition through an extensive range of classes blending theory and practice. You will develop precision in your problem-solving skills through challenging hands-on modules and a personalized research project.

The future awaits

We enroll students who demonstrate strong research abilities, leadership skills, and a commitment to social justice. If this sounds like you, please feel free to explore our courses and requirements and meet our accomplished faculty. Contact us with any questions or get in touch with graduate admissions and find out how to apply; we’d love to hear from you.