AUP provides support for students with learning or physical disabilities ranging from needing extra time for exams to requiring tutoring or mental health support.

These services are developed to allow all students the opportunity to study and be evaluated as fairly as possible. The Student Guidance Counselor along with Faculty and the Office of Academic Affairs work together in assisting students with these needs. We’re dedicated to helping all students find academic success.


On this page, you can access more information about our disability support services and download the exam accommodation request form.


Academic accommodations procedure

Student Development
  • Valid documents (see below for criteria) must be submitted to the Student Guidance Counselor within the first three weeks of the first semester of attending AUP; the disability will then be officially registered.
    • Once a student has submitted valid documentation, there is no need to present it again at the beginning of each semester, as long as the documentation remains valid.
    • Summer students must register within the first week of classes.
  • The Student Guidance Counselor notifies all relevant faculty and staff members of the student’s eligibility for academic accommodations every beginning of the semester.
  • Students should make an appointment with their professors, preferably during their office hours, to discuss their accommodation needs.
  • If a professor cannot personally administer accommodations for an exam (such as extra time), the student must submit these needs to the Academic Resource Center via the exam accommodation form no later than 2 weeks before the exam date.


Requirements for documentation

Documents that will be considered and accepted as valid, must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be current, and less than 3 years old.
  • Must be issued by a licensed disability specialist.
  • Originals must be presented, so a copy can be made and kept on file.
  • Must specify clear and reasonable accommodations. AUP staff members are not qualified to make recommendations to faculty based on testing results alone.

If the documentation doesn’t meet all of the above criteria, the student will be asked to be retested in order to be eligible to receive accommodations at AUP. Please contact the Student Guidance Counselor for a referral to a specialist.



The Student Guidance Counselor is the initial contact for disability support services:

  • Collects and validates official documentation
  • Registers and communicates eligibility to relevant faculty and staff members
  • Refers students to specialists for cognitive evaluations

The Academic Resource Center in collaboration with the Student Guidance Counselor and the Academic Affairs Office:

  • Manages the Online Exam Accommodation Form
  • Reviews and approves accommodation requests for upcoming exams
  • Serves as a liaison with professors regarding accommodation arrangements
  • Drops-off and picks-up laptops at exam locations, and delivers completed exams to professors.


Frequently asked questions

I think I may have a learning disability. Where do I go?

If you want to be tested, or if you want to know about how to register for academic accommodations during your studies at AUP, you should make an appointment with the student guidance counselor in the Office of Student Development at the start of the semester—and ideally at the beginning of your studies. We work with off-campus specialists who are qualified to conduct widely accepted testing in American higher educational environments.

What if I’m not sure if I need accommodations this semester?

It’s better to be registered, and for your professor to be aware of your eligibility from the beginning of the semester, even if you decide not to request exam accommodations.

How do I go about discussing my learning disability with my professor?

Your professor will already have received a notification from the Student Guidance Counselor regarding your eligibility for accommodations, so this discussion will be welcome. Most likely, professors have had other students with similar requests in their classes before you. We highly recommend you discuss your disability during your professor’s office hours because this will allow for adequate time to go over the entire semester’s logistics regarding your specific accommodations: the dates of exams, the use of a laptop for class notes or exams, and/or applying the extra time on exams.

In addition, you can talk about your general academic strengths and weaknesses to determine if there is additional support your professor can provide. In the event that a professor doesn't understand your request, you can always speak to the Academic Resource Center, who can help communicate with faculty.

My professor cannot personally administer my accommodations for an exam, what can i do?

An exam accommodation form must be filled out by the student to request the Academic Resource Center support for exams (a proctor, a clean laptop, a room reservation, etc). If according to your registered documentation, you are eligible for extra time, a laptop, or a separate location as part of your accommodations for exams, you should complete the above mentioned web form no later than two weeks before the anticipated exam date. Last minute requests for exam accommodations cannot be honored. Please, plan ahead!


Someone from the Academic Resource Center will send an email to you and your professors after they have processed your request. Contact the ARC if you haven’t been contacted at least 48 hours before the exam.



Remember that AUP professors are happy to work with you, and they see exam accommodation forms as a tool to best measure the knowledge you acquire in a course rather than your disability. Since your needed accommodations are based on personalized testing, they will be considered seriously by professors at AUP. Give your professors a chance to provide guidance and advice early in the semester. Don’t put off these conversations.