Advising, Internships and Careers

Academic Advising: Your Key to Success

The first year of university life can be somewhat bewildering, especially for students who are not familiar with the American system of higher education. Even before you arrive on campus, the work you do once you are an admitted student—online placement tests, pre-reading, your FirstBridge registration helps prepare you for the academic rigors of AUP’s degree programs.

Your more in-depth academic advising begins at Orientation before classes begin. As a Freshmen, you will be assigned to one of the faculty members who are teaching the FirstBridge course you select, and you will meet with this professor during the week of Orientation. Your professor will be your advisor during your first year at AUP. Our experience is that this creates a special link for you with other Freshmen and with faculty members teaching Freshmen classes.

During the second year of study, or before you have declared a major, you are assigned to an advisor in the AUP Advising Center. Once you have declared a major, you are assigned to a faculty member in that department who will review and monitor your academic progress until graduation. The name of your advisor shows on your AUP academic profile and on your unofficial transcript accessible via the student portal. Should you want to change advisors, please email the Advising Center.

The Advising team at the center provides support for course selection decisions, transfer credits, and any other necessary academic advising both for assigned advisees of the center and for walk-in consultations. You are welcome to see your advisor at any time, but you must see your academic advisor whenever you register for courses in upcoming semesters or if you are considering taking courses at outside institutions.  

Career Planning and Development

Whether you are a freshman, returning undergraduate, co-op, visiting, transfer, or graduate student, it‘s never too early to start preparing for life after you graduate. 

The Career Development Office assists students in career exploration and planning; writing resumés (CVs) and cover letters in English or French; targeting potential employers for part-time and summer jobs, internships, or permanent employment; and applying for graduate school. The office also organizes career events, posts internship and job opportunities, works hand in hand with the Internship Office to maintain strong relationships with organizations in Paris and around the world, and nurtures connections with working alumni.

The AUP Career Development and Internship offices enjoy privileged relationships with hundreds of corporations and organizations in France, other parts of Europe, the US, and elsewhere around the world.

View current job and internship offers.  Every semester, the Career Development Office and the Internship Office distribute the Global Talent brochure which comprises the mini-resumés of AUP students seeking internships to over 500 professional contacts. If you will be seeking an internship, don’t miss out on this exciting initiative – watch for announcements early in the fall and spring semesters or access the dedicated Global Talent Brochure page for updates.

Internships at AUP

An internship is a form of professional experience carried out by a student in a company under the supervision of one or more practicing professionals. Internships may be full or part time, short or long term, and paid or unpaid. French regulations require that only degree-seeking students pursue an internship and only with an obligatory contract between the student, the company and the university. This contract, called convention de stage, will be issued by the AUP Internship Coordinator once the student completes the registration process.

AUP isn’t just about academics though. I was also lucky enough to participate in a number of internships. During my sophomore year, I was the marketing and communications coordinator at an artificial intelligence software company called Yseop and later became a web-content manager and customer service structuration intern at Selectra, a comparison site for energy providers. Thanks to that position, I was able to land my current internship as IT project manager at Ranger, a door-to-door sales company.

Fatima Orozco Senior

Access the Internship Office information pages to find out more about how to register internships, either for credit or as a non-credit option. Here you can register for an internship online, obtain information about internship requirements and assignments, learn about how your fellow AUP students rated their internship experiences, find out about why you may want to defer your graduation date in order to complete a full-time internship, and browse through the FAQ section. The Internship Coordinator will be happy to advise you on any other questions you may have.  

Career Development for Graduate Students

Graduate study is a pivotal moment, when you may choose to implement a career transition or deepen your chosen professional path. The AUP Career Development Office supports you in this important step by providing personalized, one-on-one assistance in the following areas:

  • Self-assessment: identifying core strengths, career interests, and professional values
  • Researching and identifying potential fields, functions, positions, and organizations
  • Writing compelling and culturally appropriate resumés, cover letters, and other application documents in English and French
  • Networking online and off, including the effective use of social media
  • Preparing for recruitment interviews in English or French. Career support begins when you arrive at AUP and continues as long as needed after graduation. 

Career Planning Tips for Undergraduates

  • Freshman: What are your dreams for your future? How can you move towards your goals in the next few semesters? Find out how it all works by making an appointment at the Center and introducing yourself.
  • Visiting Students: Don’t “lose” a semester in your career development–use AUP resources to update your resumé and prepare job, internship, or graduate school applications.
  • Transfer Students: You may be graduating in two years or less! Make sure you are preparing yourself for “Life After AUP” by proactively contacting the Center.
  • Returning Students: If you have met with the Career Development team in the past, we suggest that you make an appointment to update your resumé and discuss how your plans have evolved. If you have not met with the Career Development Office yet, now is the time to do so as you move closer towards graduation, notably to plan for at least one internship before graduation.