MA in Global Communications, Fashion Track

The fashion industry has become an important actor in world social and economic development. Yet too often fashion communications have been analyzed exclusively from the point of view of the Western fashion system—or simply been dismissed as superficial or irrelevant.

The optional fashion track within the Master of Arts in Global Communications (MAGC) addresses this misperception. It offers courses taught by theorists of fashion and professionals in the field. Students get the chance to explore the many facets of fashion communications.


From traditional to cutting-edge

The specialized fashion track of MAGC provides an in-depth background applicable to careers in traditional fashion communications, as well as in several expanding and cutting-edge aspects of the industry including:

  • the marketing of global luxury brands
  • the rise of ethical fashion, such as cause-related marketing, Labor Behind the Label, and sustainable consumption
  • NGO fashion and textile production for sustainable development
  • cultural implications of globalized fashion
  • the digital revolution in fashion journalism and marketing including blogs and websites
  • fashion centers and cities worldwide

Students take introductory background courses which provide theories and models to prepare them for study of specific fashion issues in modules. These modules are taught by visiting professionals and researchers, top in their fields.

This specialized knowledge will be supplemented by and integrated with courses for the Master of Arts in Global Communications.


Structure of the specialized track

As in the regular MA in Global Communications program, coursework can be completed in three semesters, including the summer. The length of the internship or thesis may vary, however—many students choose to take additional time for these components.

The program requirements for the MAGC Fashion Track are as follows:

  • Four mandatory core courses (16 credits)
  • Two fashion modules (4 credits)
  • Three track electives (12 credits)
  • Two open electives (8 credits)
  • Thesis or internship (8 credits)

Core courses focus on the fundamentals of global communications—and particularly how they relate to the fashion industry and fashion theory. Modules include such specialized topics as Asian Fashion Communication, Applied Design Thinking for Sustainability, and Paris Style, An Emerging Designer Pop-up Store, among many others. You also have a choice of practicums in sustainable development, NGOs, or Branding and courses in PR and journalism.


Coursework and Research Masters

The MA in in Global Communications, Fashion Track is a 48 credit Coursework and Research Masters that can be completed in one calendar year. Coursework and Research Masters at AUP open up international horizons and enable career-transition through an extensive range of classes blending theory and practice. You will develop precision in your problem-solving skills through challenging hands-on modules and choice of an internship or a personalized research project.


Join us

If you’re interested in gaining practical knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, learning how digital culture is changing the nature of fashion journalism, and studying the effects of globalization on fashion communications, please don’t hesitate to explore all of our courses and requirements and meet our accomplished faculty.

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