Masters of Arts in International Affairs

The Master of Arts in International Affairs (MIN) takes full advantage of Paris’s multicultural dimensions and central role in international economics, politics, and social issues. The program’s balance of intellectual and theoretical mastery with hands-on, project-based learning prepares you for a successful professional life.

The MA in International Affairs provides:

  • The opportunity to earn an American master’s degree in France
  • A mix of practical and theoretical knowledge of international affairs, conflict resolution, and civil society development
  • A global network to launch a career in the NGO sector or with an international institution, national government, or multinational corporation

Your choice: one year full-time or two years part-time

The linguistic and cultural diversity of our student body is one of our biggest strengths—and the perfect community in which to study international affairs. Students in the program come from educational institutions from across the world, having earned the equivalent of a BA degree in International Affairs or a closely related field—and from the working worlds of international institutions, NGOs, and policymaking.

We offer the option to follow either a one-year full-time or two-year part-time course of study. Students in the one-year program immerse themselves fully in their studies and finish the program faster. The two-year program allows Paris-based professionals the chance to invest in their futures while keeping their jobs.

Both programs offer the same rigorous curriculum with students achieving the same rewarding learning goals.

Challenging course work, compelling experiences

Coursework for the 38-credit MA is taught entirely in English at AUP. The full-time program is composed of two semesters of course work with an additional summer semester for completion and defense of the required research project. The part-time program is four semesters of course work with the additional summer semester.

The program requirements for both options include:

  • Five courses (20 credits) exploring international relations, conflict management, and other subjects crucial to a well-rounded understanding of international affairs. A mix of core and elective courses ensures a solid foundation in the discipline plus the chance to investigate your own special interests.
  • Five modules (10 credits) taught by visiting professionals that offer practical, hands-on training in short, workshop style seminars. These intensive experiences may include anything from a simulation of responding to a real-life conflict situation to creating plans for a virtual NGO to practice financial NGO management.
  • One research methods seminar (2 credits) which will help prepare you for….
  • A thesis (6 credits), a 12,000 word research project based on fieldwork or an internship experience that allows you to delve deep into a topic that interests you. A defense of your research project before a jury of experts, including the faculty’s readers, is required.

Coursework Masters

The Master of Arts in International Affairs is a 38 credit Coursework Masters consisting of 2.5 semesters taken over the course of one calendar year. Through a carefully crafted curriculum it transmits essential analytic and problem-solving skills in the discipline of international affairs. 

The future awaits

AUP emphasizes a student-centered, discussion-based education featuring small classes and a high international profile.

If you’re ready to join our stimulating community—or if you have any questions—please don’t hesitate to contact us or get in touch with graduate admissions to find out how to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.