MA in International Affairs

I was inspired to come to AUP because I wanted to have that international perspective when studying international affairs. It seemed obvious to me that living in another country would be beneficial to my field of study. I’m studying international affairs because I would like to work for the US government in national security policy after graduating. I majored in international relations as an undergraduate, but I was not working in the field before coming to AUP, so this is the start of a career change for me.

I think my time at AUP has made the world smaller, in a good way. I learned how attainable living, working abroad and studying can be. Of course, I hoped that was the case, but I was still relieved to find out it was true. One of the ways my world was made smaller was in class during a module about international humanitarian law taught by Professor Alex Whiting. Over three days we learned about the law of armed conflict. I enjoyed the nuance of the subject as well as the expertise brought, not only by Professor Whiting, but also by a French military colonel who was sitting in on the class.

I don’t think these collegiate faculty-mentor relationships happen at many other universities.

Will Bisbee

Obviously living in Paris and attending a liberal arts university accredited in the US is important. However, studying at AUP is so much more than that – it’s also the personal interest the professors in my program take in me and my fellow students that I think is pretty special. I don’t think these collegiate faculty-mentor relationships happen at many other universities. 

As I look towards my next steps beyond AUP I reflect on the incredible journey my time at the university has been and how the famed City of Lights has been an amazing backdrop to my studies. Walking past the Eiffel Tower to get to the Combes building, eating lunch on the banks of the Seine between classes, meeting a professor at a café on the Left Bank – these are things that can only be done here.