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Cross-Course Consulting

Real world experience

As a student in the International Management program you will work on a cross-course live client project in your Spring Semester. Each year, the consulting project is an actual project working directly with a client. This offers you the opportunity to demonstrate skills and approaches acquired in the program and gain a higher-level of experience for competitive advantage in their professional objectives post-program.

In 2017, students worked with Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS), a US-based medical research and advocacy foundation, to develop strategies to maximize their impact: accelerating global change (innovation & education), fundraising and future growth, while balancing exacting financial, stakeholder, and personnel constraints. TFOS is a US-based, though global-focused, family created and run 501c3 non-profit organization, which was incorporated in 2000.

Students engaged directly with the TFOS Director and relevant staff in developing the project and preparing the deliverables.

For more than a decade, TFOS has played an important role in promoting the progress of vision research. To promote further progress in vision research, TFOS cross-pollinates biotech, life-sciences & tech by initiating entrepreneurialism with translational medicine to stimulate a global collaboration — forging bonds among basic scientists & clinicians, industry, inventors, investors and leaders.

TFOS activities help:
  • Promote increased international awareness of external eye diseases;
  • enhance governmental funding for tear film and ocular surface research (which stimulate the development of therapeutic drugs and diagnostic devices); and
  • influence the design and conduct of clinical trials of novel treatments for ocular surface disorders
Implementation plans were the final objective, addressing scope of impact on research, fundraising and growth. The Scope of Work included:
  • Development of an action plan
  • Creation of a sustainable financial model
  • Governance and legal structure
  • Application of performance measurement tools
  • Cost analysis
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Implementation plans