Student & Faculty Collaboration

Net Impact Chapter

A global, non-profit, student-run organization

Net Impact was a global, non-profit, student-run organization, where future leaders came together to take on social and environmental challenges. The project had two main objectives: to organize programs that help students develop skills for their future careers and to engage with companies who believe that business is key to creating social and environmental change. To achieve these goals, students organized events where they reached out to local and foreign businesses, as well as career services experts.

The local AUP chapter was founded in 2015 by a student named Whitney McVay and included both graduate and undergraduate students. The group were committed to helping students cultivate their talents, while also increasing awareness of corporate social responsibility, clean tech, sustainability, and sustainable businesses. In 2016, some of the members were able to volunteer and network with top sustainability professionals at the Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, which held panels on a wide range of topics, the most prominent being impact investing.