MSc International Management, Sustainability Systems Track

I was born in Haifa, Israel, though I’ve lived most of my adult life in Tel Aviv. When I read about the AUP Master’s program in International Management (Sustainability Systems Track), I felt that it was exactly what I was looking for. I came from a career path which included an NGO and a small social business and wanted to integrate from these into the corporate world, however, I lacked the business knowledge necessary to make this leap. When I found the program included business and social responsibility, everything fell into place.

I started graduate school at AUP last semester as the first step after my maternity leave. There are not very many parents in AUP's graduate community, which I find a bit surprising since it is such a supportive place for parents and families. All of the professors, staff and other students have shown so much consideration. As a young parent, I feel that they’ve really gone out of their way to make AUP the best place I could have chosen for grad school.

The University community has provided me with the rare privilege of learning how to conduct myself in an international sphere

Noa Biron

The program is divided into different tracks: Sustainability, NGO and General Management. I take all of the courses to do with sustainability and everything that is more corporate-oriented.

The fact that AUP is located in the heart of Paris is an awesome bonus! My mother is French. She left Paris for Jewish life in Israel before I was born, but I always wanted to experience this part of her culture and to better understand my heritage and why I grew up speaking Hebrew and French. There is a huge Jewish community here (the largest in Europe) and also a big Muslim community. I feel lucky that I get to communicate with and explore the minds of people from Iran, Lebanon and other countries – people I would not get a chance to know if I was in Israel or in any other city with less diversity. Paris is just a wonderful city all around with an infinite variety of things to explore, from the music and art to surprisingly child-friendly activities, not to mention all the great people that make Paris such a vibrant place to live.

While studying at AUP, I find that I keep learning new things about myself: how to work in a team, public speaking and the financial aspects of business. Not to mention that the hands-on approach in the majority of the classes I’ve attended have helped me tremendously along my professional path. Meanwhile, the University community has provided me with the rare privilege of learning how to conduct myself in an international sphere, all while being within the walls of a safe learning environment. In our global economy, this is really one of the most important skills to have as an employee and a human being.

I now feel very comfortable in my ability to work in an international firm or in a foreign country with a completely different mentality and work culture from what I grew up with. As a result, I feel more secure and even more ambitious about my family’s future.

Today I aspire to manage a CSR team, as a start, and then after getting some more hands-on experience with the business side of things, to use the knowledge I’ve gained to open a consultancy and work with startups.