Transferring Credits


Congratulations on selecting your study abroad site. Now you must ensure that the credits you earn outside of AUP will transfer back to AUP. The first thing to do is simple: complete all of the required steps to study abroad and submit your completed forms to the Registrar's Office.

The external course pre-approval form can be found here.

There is some additional information that is important for you to remember about credit transfer:


The fine print on transfer credits and studying abroad

  • To have approved credits applied as transfer credit toward your degree, you must present an official transcript from the external university or college
  • No credit will be accepted for transfer for grades below “C” or for courses taken credit/no credit
  • You may not surpass a total of 64 semester credit hours
  • 50 percent of upper level core courses (3000-4000 level) for your major must be completed on the AUP campus
  • You must complete your last 16 credits on the AUP campus


Transferring credits from partner and non-partner schools

There is a difference in the number of credits you can transfer from AUP's partner universities and other non-partner institutions:

  • Up to 36 credits from AUP partner schools may be transferred back
  • Up to 18 credits from non-partner schools may be transferred back


Unapproved credits

You must secure written permission from the University Registrar prior to taking your courses abroad by completing all of the study abroad requirements.

If you don’t, these unapproved credits will not be approved for transfer back to AUP. Exceptions will be granted only in cases of severe hardship and at the discretion of the Registrar in consultation with the Office of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Enrollment Management.

Any credits retroactively approved upon appeal to the Registrar will carry a fee equal to one-half of the normal tuition charged per credit.