Paris: Language & Culture

You will soon find that the city of Paris will play a fundamental role in your studies. In this category of courses, we will strive to show you the ways in which the city can illuminate your studies by revealing concepts and theories that will prove useful now and in your academic and professional career. Use the inspiring backdrop of Paris to explore the history and craft of photography; trace the roots of modern art back to the World’s Fair; discover the historical and social contexts of some of the most renowned works of art; use architecture to understand Paris’s development as a city. After all, as Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

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Courses starting in June

  • AH 1003 - Paris Through its Museums I 
  • AH 1003 - Paris Through its Museums II 
  • AH 3091 - Paris: Capital of Modern Art 
  • FR 1000I - French Immersion: Elementary I 
  • FR 1005I - French Immersion: Elementary II 
  • FR 2005I - French Immersion: Intermediate I 
  • FR 2010I - French Immersion: Intermediate II 
  • FR 2091 - Advanced French Conv. for Professional Purposes 


Courses starting in July

  • AH 1003 - Paris Through its Museums III 
  • AR 1091 - Paris Through Photography 
  • FR 1000I - French Immersion: Elementary I 
  • FR 1005I - French Immersion: Elementary II 
  • FR 2005I - French Immersion: Intermediate I 
  • FR 2010I - French Immersion: Intermediate II 


AUP’s carefully designed French programs, called "French Immersion", offer detailed instruction in the French language—reviewing grammar and vocabulary, improving pronunciation—while allowing a first-hand introduction to French culture both in and outside the classroom. Browse our French Immersion program page for more information.