Science, math and quantitative reasoning are essential to a 21st-century education. Analyzing data, understanding the scientific method, learning to differentiate between pattern and anecdote—these are all important problem-solving skills that can be applied in a variety of contexts. 

Modeling the World is our general education requirement that invites you into the world of mathematical and scientific investigation and will help shape the way you think about framing questions and finding solutions to contemporary problems. 



  • Four credits (one course) in the natural or physical sciences with laboratory 
  • Four credits (one course) in mathematics 


Practical information for Science 

  • One science course with laboratory (4 credits) will satisfy this requirement. 
  • For transfer students, any university-level science course will be accepted in fulfillment of the general education science requirement. Advanced credit awards in science will also satisfy this requirement. 


Practical information for Math 

  • All first-year students take the AUP math placement exam during orientation of their first semester
  • Students who are able to demonstrate mastery of basic math and quantitative reasoning skills on the assessment test may be exempted from this requirement. 
  • If not exempted, students can complete any math course other than algebra at AUP to fulfill the requirement. 
  • Transfer students who have been awarded sufficient transfer credits for university-level math courses other than algebra will be exempted from the general education math requirement. Advanced credit awards in mathematics will also satisfy this requirement.