Gender, Sexuality, and Society Requirements

Major Requirements: BA Gender, Sexuality and Society



General Education Requirements


Required (40 credits)

Core requirements (20 credits)


Choose one of the following social science methods courses:

Specializations for Gender, Sexuality and Society

Students must take at least six elective courses in GSS, including at least three courses in one of the specializations below and two courses from a different specialization. In addition, at least two electives must be at the 3000 level or above.

Politics of gender and sexuality: representations, rights & social justice

We want to give you the tools to look critically at the world in order to understand how you can improve it. You will explore numerous subject areas, including the problems underlying political theory and practice, as well as the work of international human rights organizations.

Psychological and psychoanalytic foundations of gender and sexuality

Use a variety of contexts to analyze the psychological history and realities behind individual and collective identities. Study the nature and causes of human behavior and thought in social situations, investigate repression, question the pathologizing of the human sexual potential, and more.  

Constructions of gender and sexuality: global and historical perspectives

Discover the ways in which sexual identity and gender have been represented throughout the world and throughout history, with subjects like female authorship in the 19th century, the role of gender in the Italian Renaissance, and Hollywood’s attitude towards women before and after the studio system.


Plus general electives to total 128 Credits