International & Comparative Politics Requirements

Major Requirements: BA International & Comparative Politics



General Education Requirements


Core courses (36 credits)

Track (12 credits)

Select three electives within one track or select any three electives in consultation with an ICP advisor:

World Politics Track

Gain a nuanced understanding of international politics, including the relationship between global political agendas, environmental degradation and development aspirations, the causes and consequences of European military conflict, and contemporary politics within the Middle East. 

European and US Politics Track

Enhance your understanding of the history and development of political systems within these continents through examination of the links between democracy and social change, Russian domestic politics, the role and influence of billionaires in politics, and so much more.  

Development and Human Rights Track

Investigate the history and political systems that have influenced international development and human rights progress through courses where you will, among other topics, be introduced to the history of international human rights law, as well as the political culture and economic growth of Latin America.   

Plus general electives to total 128 credits