Middle East Pluralities Requirements

Requirements: Middle East Pluralities Major

General Education Requirements


Required Core

  • ME 2020 Situating the Middle East II: Religious, Cultural and Linguistic diversities
  • ME 2030 Encounters between the Middle East and the West
  • ME 2010 Situating the Middle East I: Socio-anthropological and politico-geographical diversities
  • PO 3072 Politics of the Middle East
  • HI 1006 World History from 1500
  • AB 1010 Elementary I (Arabic)
  • AB 1020 Elementary II (Arabic)
  • AB 1030 Intermediate I (Arabic)
  • AB 1040 Intermediate II (Arabic)
  • ME/IS 4095 Senior Project



Choose two from the following:

Relevant courses from other departments subject to departmental approval could also add to the elective list.