Requirements: Critical Theory

Enhance your understanding of the history and applications of criticism, as well as your own critical thinking and writing abilities, with courses that focus on philosophy, modern critical theory, postcolonial literatures, and more.


2 courses from the following (8 credits)

  • PL 2022 History of Philosophy II: Modern and Contemporary Philosophy
  • PL 2071 The Critique of Political Economy: from Adam Smith to Karl Marx
  • PL 2072 Genealogies of the Subject: Freud and Nietzsche


3 courses from the following (12 credits)

  • CM 3052 Rhetoric and Persuasion, Visual and Verbal
  • PL/FM 2095 Philosophy and Film
  • PL/AH 3074 The Philosophy of Aesthetics
  • PL/PO 3076 Philosophical and Political Modernity: Kant, Hegel, and Beyond
  • PL 3079 Modern Critical Theory
  • CL/GS 2006 Contemporary Feminist Theory
  • CL 2085 Literary Theory and Criticism
  • CL 3081 Postcolonial Literatures and Theory