Requirements: Environmental Policy

Delve into the multiple areas of study that influence how we create laws and regulations concerning environmental issues, such as international politics and economics.

This minor may be taken in conjunction with the International and Comparative Politics major, with no more than two overlapping required courses.


Required courses (4 credits)

  • PO 3033 International Politics of the Environment


One of the following (4 credits)

  • SC 1020 Environmental Science
  • SC 1040 Energy and the Environment


Three of the following (12 credits)

  • PO/GS 2005 The Political Economy of Developing Countries
  • PO 2012 Introduction to Political Geography and Geopolitics
  • PO 3035 Waters of the Globe
  • PO 3091 Topics in Politics (if the topic is related to the environment)
  • PO 4090 Senior Seminar (if the topic is related to the environment)
  • Any FirstBridge or Topics course at the University that focuses on the environment.