Requirements: International Law Minor

Expand your understanding of international law and its related themes and subjects, including international human rights law and how media and ethics connect with its applications and implications.

This minor may be taken in conjunction with the International and Comparative Politics Major.

No more than two overlapping courses are allowed between any major and minor.


Required courses (8 credits)

  • PO 3041 International Human Rights Law
  • PO 3061 International Law


Three of the following courses (12 credits)

  • BA 3084 International Business Law
  • PO 4090 Senior Seminar in Law (if thesis topic is related to law)
  • CM 2001 Public Speaking in the Digital Age
  • CM 3046 Media, Law, Policy and Ethics
  • CM 3052 Rhetoric and Persuas*
  • PO 3091 or 4091 Topics in Politics (if the topic is related to law)
  • BA 3091 or 4091 Topics in International Business (if the topic is related to law)
  • CL 3091 or 4091 Interdisciplinary Topics in Literature (if the topic is related to law)
  • CM 3091 or 4091 Topics in Global Communications (if the topic is related to advocacy)
  • LW 3091 or 4091 Topics in Law