Requirements: Latin Minor

With your basic understanding of the Latin language, dig deeper into the themes and subject areas revolving around it, including ancient art and architecture and the history of western civilization.

Students must master Latin at least to the level Intermediate Latin II (LT 3050 with minimum grade C or placement) and take the following courses.


One course from the following list (4 credits)

  • AH 1000 Introduction to Western Art I
  • AH 2011 Ancient Art and Architecture
  • CL 1025 The World, the Text, and the Critic I
  • CL/ES 2018 Introduction to Ancient Greece and Rome
  • HI 1001 History of Western Civilization up to 1500
  • HI 1005 World History to 1500
  • LT 4050 Advanced Study in Latin with a suitable reading program (e.g. selections from Latin historians).


For courses in Latin (16 credits)

  • Either courses from the Latin program (LT 1001, LT 1002, LT 2001, LT 3050 and LT 4050) orcourses offered with the ClassicsBridge option (4 credits + 1 credit directed study). This can be any course in which coursework includes readings of literature or other written sources in Latin, e.g. the overview courses above, if not taken to fulfill the overview requirement.