Requirements: Medieval Studies Minor

Expand your knowledge of the Medieval era with classes that investigate Medieval art and architecture, English literature before 1800, philosophy and religion, and more.


Five courses from the following (20 credits)

May be supplemented by other offerings whose relevance can be demonstrated (such as 1000-level courses, Topics courses, or independent study)

  • AH 2012 Medieval Art and Architecture
  • AH 3030-3039 Topics in Medieval Art
  • CL/EN 2051 English Literature before 1800
  • CL 2055 Saints and Sinners in the Renaissance
  • CL/GS 3075 Queens, Fairies, and Hags: The Romance of Medieval Gender
  • CL/ES 3025 Dante and Medieval Culture
  • PL 1100 History of Philosophy I From Ancient to Medieval
  • LT Latin* (all levels, with specialisation in Medieval Latin)

The number of Latin courses at the levels of Elementary I, Elementary II, and Intermediate I that can be taken to meet this requirement is restricted to a total of two.