Requirements: Middle Eastern & Islamic Cultures Minor

Investigate early Islamic history, while exploring subject areas like the Arabic language, the history of the Middle East, and media and society in the Arab world.


Required course (4 credits)

  • ES/HI 2010 Early Islamic History


Four courses across all disciplines focusing on the Middle East, examples include: (16 credits)

  • HI 1015 History of the Middle East I
  • HI 1016 History of the Middle East II
  • ME 2010 Situating the Middle East I
  • ME 2020 Situating the Middle East II
  • ME 2030 Encounters between the Middle East and the West
  • AH 2024 Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture
  • CM 4073 Media and Society in the Arab World
  • EC 3036 Economics of the Muslim World
  • ES/HI 3017 Mediterranean Urban Culture: The Islamic City: History, Spaces, and Visual Culture
  • FM 3076 Arab Cinema
  • PO 3072 Politics of the Middle East