Requirements: Parisian Studies Minor

Discover the city of Paris through its architecture, its fiction, its cinema, its literature, and so much more.


Required courses (8 credits)

  • AH/UR 2000 Paris through its Architecture
  • ES/HI 3004 The Powers of Paris


Three courses from the following (12 credits)

  • AH 1003 An Introduction to Art through Paris Museums
  • AR 1090 Painting Paris
  • CL/UR 2010 Paris through its Books
  • CL/FR 2075 Theatre in Paris
  • CL/ES 3043 The Attractions of Paris
  • CL/FM 3034 Paris Reel and Imagined
  • CL/LT Intermediate or Advanced Latin with the topic: Lutetia and Paris in Ancient and Medieval Sources
  • FM/CL 3069 The Aesthetics of Crime Fiction
  • FM/FR 3086 Paris Cinema
  • HI/PO 3062 Building States, Building Cities: Paris, London, Madrid