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Paris through its Architecture

From Notre-Dame to the Marais

As you study the exciting history of Paris’s development through its architecture (including the social, economic, and political forces that helped shape its appearance throughout that history) on-site visits will allow you to make the city your own and focus on personal themes of interest, including parks, triumphal arches, fountains, or railway stations.

"Paris Through its Architecture was the best course I ever took at AUP. Taking it in my first semester allowed me to discover Paris with an artistic perspective that has ever since influenced my view of the city. Throughout the course, both Professor Russakoff and Professor Shimony were able to point out different aspects of the city and bring together its diversity in a fascinating manner. With the course including so many on site visits, it not only helped me navigate around Paris, but also allowed me to create bonds of friendship with numerous students who I still enjoy walking around Paris with!”

Laure Moscheni '15

By the end of the class, you will have explored major landmarks like the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and Sainte-Chapelle, visited lesser-known churches like Saint Augustin, engaged in walking tours of the Marais to see some of Paris’s historic and fashionable hôtels particuliers, and developed a profound appreciation for this unique city’s architectural styles, neighborhoods, and residential buildings.