FAQ - IT Services

How can a faculty member activate a class Team in Microsoft Teams ?

AUP ITS synchronizes the course before the beginning of the semester with Microsoft teams. 

Faculty members will be able to see their courses in their Teams list, but students will not see them unless they have been activated by the professor. 

We will show in this tutorial you how to activate the course Teams: 

1- Open Microsoft Teams and click on Teams icon in the sidebar 

2- Locate the class team you want to activate and click on it to open it. 

3- On the top of the class team, click on Activate button


How can I register for MFA?

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) sometimes called two-factor authentication is an additional security method to secure your account and make sure that only you can log into it. It requires you to authenticate with your password and another piece of information such as code that you receive in a text message, a phone call or through Microsoft authenticator app. This quick user guide shows you how to set up your MFA and how to log in using it. To start please make sure you have your computer and your mobile phone/ office phone line near you.


Register For MFA

Once the MFA will be applied, the next time you log in you will be required to register for MFA.

1- Login to your email account on www.office.com using your email netid@aup.edu and password


2- You will be prompted to enter more information, click next


3- First you will be asked to enter your cell phone number



4- Once entered a confirmation code will be sent to you, please enter it and click next

5- An “app password” will be generated, you can press done since you will not need it (it is used for older Outlook versions)



6- Now, you will still need to enter an alternative email address, the purpose is not to authenticate, but to have the ability to reset your password in case you are locked out of your NetID account follow the instructions on the screen to add your personal email account