OneNote is an application that is free to use for all AUP Community members. It is the equivalent of a digital notebook where you can include text, equations, images, videos and more. Thanks to OneNote, keep all of your notes in a single place, manage and share them very easily, whether at AUP or from home. Because your notebook are stored online, you will be able to access them from any device.

How to Access


For the best experience, we recommend using the OneNote app: 

  • Download the OneNote app for Windows or Mac. 

  • Mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 10 from their respective app stores.


  • Log in to with your AUP email address and password.
  • Click OneNote to launch the application.

Features for Everyone at AUP

Professors: Make the most of the Class Notebook

Use OneNote Class Notebook and see the features especially set created for teaching purposes:

  • Student Notebooks – Allow a private space you can share with each of your students. You can access every student notebook while they can only see their own.

  • Content Library – Set up a read-only space to share documents (syllabus, PDF, texts, homework) with your students.

  • Collaboration Space – Create a space where everyone in the class can share, organize and collaborate.

  • Channel Notebook – Allow your students to work on Onenote in small groups if you have created channels in Teams.

Students: Organize your Courses and Work Efficiently

If your professor chooses to use OneNote, you will be able to:

  • Take notes efficiently in class thanks to your Student Notebook.
  • See the documents your professor shares with you in the Content Library.
  • Collaborate with your professor and classmates in the Collaboration Space.

You can also create a study group and get organized with your fellow students to work on a project or study before exams.

Staff & Faculty: Collaborate with Colleagues

Whether you are a staff or faculty member at AUP, you can use OneNote to save time and work efficiently with your colleagues:

  • Allow inter-departmental work.
  • Share easily documents, tables or graphs.
  • Get organized in small groups for a given project.
  • Take efficient notes during meetings.

Training Resources

Microsoft has set up a series of videos to help you train on OneNote on your own.

LinkedIn Learning is also a very rich source of information with a series of videos led by professional to guide you step by step. Access it with your AUP email address and see all the content they offer about OneNote.