Microsoft Word is a word processor that is free to use for all AUP Community members. It is one of the productivity apps included in Microsoft Office. It allows you to create professional-quality documents, reports, dissertations, letters and CVs. It includes features such as spell and grammar check, text and font formatting, HTML and image support and advanced page layout.

If you use Word online, you can even collaborate with colleagues or fellow students on the same document.

How to Access


For the best experience, we recommend using the Word app: 

  • Log in to with your AUP email address and password. Click the top right button "Install Office" to download the desktop application.
  • Mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 10 from their respective app stores.


  • Log in to with your AUP email address and password.
  • Click Word to launch the application.


Training Resources

Microsoft has set up a series of videos to help you train on Word on your own.

LinkedIn Learning is also a very rich source of information with a series of videos led by professional to guide you step by step. Access it with your AUP email address and see all the content they offer about Word.