The classroom technology office is part of the support services unit in ITS. It provides training, support, maintenance and installation management support for technology in AUP classrooms, meeting and study rooms.

The Standard Classroom Technology incorporates several enhancements over the past years:


  • High quality projector or TV screen
  • Connectivity support for laptops and digital devices
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player with DVD playback capability in most classrooms
  • Instructor computer with integrated webcam
  • User-friendly panel controls

You can check the Classroom Technology User Guide in the right sidebar.

Best practices

To ensure the quality of AUP classroom technology, the following guidelines have been defined:

  • Please do not write on the white projection screen.
  • Do not shut down or switch off the computer.
  • Do not unplug equipment.

  • Use the ON button on the Control Panel to turn on the projector or the TV screen.
  • At the end of class, LOG OFF from the classroom computer.
  • Use the OFF button on the Control Panel to turn off the projector or the TV screen.