LinkedIn Learning, Blackboard and Training



Whether you're a current student, faculty or staff member, AUP helps you develop new skills thanks to digital tools.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that helps you enhance your skills all by yourself thanks to more than 13 000 video tutorials. These videos cover a variety of subjects, both theoretical and technical. They are led by experts and professionals. From using Photoshop to becoming a project manager, LinkedIn Learning will soon become your new best friend. AUP is licensing LinkedIn Learning and offers it to the current students, faculty and staff.

You can access LinkedIn Learning with your AUP email address.


Blackboard is a web application that allows AUP to offer courses online and gives teachers the ability to post extra material for hybrid and face-to-face courses. You can log in to Blackboard and access your class materials wherever you have an Internet connection.

You can access Blackboard with your usual AUP credentials, i.e. NetID and password.


One-to-one hands-on training in the assigned classroom is offered to all faculty and teaching assistants at the beginning of each semester. Training is also available for all faculty and staff members throughout the year by submitting a training request form.