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London Hotspots of Contemporary Media

For the students in the Global Communication department, the London trip provided an excellent opportunity to visit real life communications/PR/marketing agencies to get an idea of what is done in day-to-day life and take the theories they study one step further. The students sense of the different platforms these companies use, such as social media, or traditional PR and advertising media. In most cases it also widened the internship or job research scope and had students considering London as a place for their future career development.

More so than just learning, the biggest outtake from this trip was the bonding experience with fellow classmates, as I feel it brought us closer together. The experience let us interact with people we previously hadn't in a more relaxed and fun environment- drink in hand.

Sabrina Scholkowski Student

The trip, led by Professor Waddick Doyle, was structured  to meet with experts in the fields of public relations, new media, branding and advertising. Students were able to involve themselves in the new changes in the media industry, and network with presenters for future opportunities in the industry. The students were also given time to explore what the city has to offer and immerse themselves in the culture.  

AUP’s faculty-led cultural study trips provide you with the opportunity to connect learning in the classroom to real life environments and career possibilities. Students are expected to make the best use of these trips for networking and educational purposes.