The American University of Paris upholds a presence in the arts in both the AUP community and Paris. Through programming and organizations ranging from fine arts exhibitions to translation seminars, AUP provides the community with access and exposure to the arts throughout the year.

AUP Fine Arts Gallery

The Fine Arts Gallery presents works created by the AUP Community - students, alumni, and faculty - as well as highlighting the University's cultural diversity through the exhibition of works by professional artists from different backgrounds and cultures.  All exhibitions are open to the AUP Community and the public.

Center for Writers and Translators

The Center for Writers and Translators at AUP promotes literary activity, especially relating to the practice of translation.  The center welcomes writers and translators to Paris, sponsors and hosts readings, lectures and debates, as well as organizing other opportunities. The program also publishes the “Cahiers Series”, a set of short books exploring writing and translating topics. 

Arts Arena

The Arts Arena at The American University of Paris was founded in 2007 as a nonprofit initiative for the creative and performing arts and issues of culture and society. Formally associated with The American University of Paris, it has now spun off and continues to serve as a laboratory for thinking and presenting the arts from a multicultural perspective.

The organization manages various exhibitions, performances, debates and lecture series throughout the year in Paris and abroad. The Arts Arena participates in five main artistic subjects: visual arts, performing arts, culture and society, film and publications.  It is able to energize connections across artistic disciplines by providing members of the AUP community as well as the international public with artistic opportunities to contribute to and attend.