Featured Stories


  • Behind the scenes of the fourth and final volume of the Letters of Samuel Beckett

    September 27

    This month sees the launch of the fourth and final volume of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, which covers the final twenty-four years of what was, as Beckett saw it, a surprisingly long life.  AUP Professor Dan Gunn has been involved in the project,...
  • SGA Fall 2016 Election Results

    September 19

    Here are the results of the Fall 2016 SGA Elections: Undergraduate Student Senators Visiting Rep - Sahil Nandwani Freshman Rep - Marly Phillips Nicol Sophomore Rep - Francesca Coyne Junior Rep - Shana Monique Callender Senior Rep - Keti Archaia...
  • Professor Anne-Marie Picard's book: "From Illiteracy to Literature: Psychoanalysis and Reading"

    September 13

    Anne-Marie Picard is professor of French and Comparative Literature at the American University of Paris. Using a psychoanalytical approach, her research focuses mainly on French writers such as Colette, Sartre, Duras, Cixous, Angot and Houellebecq....
  • Peacock TV presents "Spoon With Me"

    September 12

    PEACOCK TV PRESENTS- 'Spoon With Me' - the student cooking show where you test out your hospitality and cooking skills with three random AUP students unknown to each other... You will have 15 euros to prepare a 2 course meal for three guests in your...
  • Prof. Golub’s Book: East Asia’s Reemergence

    August 22

    East Asia's Reemergence - Book Cover.jpg Co-Chair of AUP’s International and Comparative Politics Department, Professor Philip S. Golub, has spent his career studying and writing about imperial systems, the ways in...


  • September 28

    Teaching with the Visual History Archive Testimonies

    17:00 to 18:30

    This workshop, organized by the George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention will provide an introduction to the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive. While familiarizing attendees with the...
  • September 29

    Launch of fourth and final volume of The Letters of Samuel Beckett


    Calling all Beckett enthusiasts! Join us at 18:30 on 29 September, for a celebratory launch of the fourth and final volume of The Letters of Samuel Beckett! The evening, jointly hosted by the American University of Paris, Ecole Normal Supérieure and...
  • October 03

    Argentinian Acrobatic Performance: 'Un Poyo Rojo'

    18:30 to 00:00

    Something extraordinary is happening at the Théâtre du Rond-Point on the Champs-Élysées from September 13 - October 7 2016. Argentinian acrobatic troupe Un Poyo Rojo are bringing their electrifying show to the Parisian stage with a masterful blend...
  • October 04

    Oslo, Copenhagen & Malmo Study Trip

    (All day)

    CM5053 Development Communications CM5063 Sustainable Development Practicum LW5080 Women, Conflict Resolution and International Law PO3041 International Human Rights Law BA5012 International Business Ethics This multidisciplinary study trip...
  • October 06

    London & Stratford Study Trip

    (All day)

    CL3038 Shakespeare in Context Immerse yourself thoroughly in the world of theater during this visit to Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace and home of the Royal Shakespeare Company) and to London. Travel to London by Eurostar train on...