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Meet the Communications Team

We’re all in this together. Students, faculty and staff alike are adjusting to online learning and working across the world. AUP’s Office of Communications has gone completely remote, turning our homes into workplaces and holding daily videoconferences to check in on how colleagues are doing. Luckily, we already know a thing or two about communicating online. We’re still providing all our usual services, so reach out at any time to  

We’re keen to cover remote-learning stories from across our community. If your student club has a great new project; if your classes have implemented an innovative online learning method; or if you’re looking to promote an online event, let us know! We can spread the word on social media, help you network at a distance on AUP Global, or cover your story on this very blog. 


Writer and Copy Editor

Joseph works on copy for print and online publications for the Office of Communications and also oversees the University’s writing guidelines. You can reach out to him with news about your events or projects, or with ideas for stories for the AUP Magazine.

Joseph's remote working strategy:

“I made sure on day one to organize my desk. I covered it in little things that make me happy, and I set it up by the window so I could look outside and get a little fresh air when needed. My other advice? Own a cat. Not only are cats extra fuzzy, their constant nap attacks remind me to relax!”


Communications Coordinator

Savannah works with the office of Outreach and Advancement to produce content for the AUP community members that are spread across the world, including alumni, parents, families, and friends of the University. You can reach out to her if you're looking to network with the incredible professionals that call AUP their alma mater.

Savannah's remote working strategy:

"One thing that suddenly goes missing with remote working is all the casual office chit chat and bonding with colleagues over the events of the day. It might seem small, but taking the time to video chat with your colleagues or classmates can reenergize you and make self-isolation feel less burdensome."


Communications Coordinator

Lisa works with the Office of Admissions to produce content that aids in the recruitment of new students. Having lived in six countries, Lisa tries to bring her global perspective to everything she creates. If you started at AUP as a student within the last two years, you’ve probably seen some of her work!

Lisa's strategy for remote work:

“Set a time for lunch and take that time to disconnect. The temptation to ‘work through lunch’ and eat at your desk is already high in an office, but when you're working from home and your ‘desk’ is your couch or your kitchen table, that temptation is even higher! When you take your lunch break, step away from your computer; read a book, watch an episode of your favorite TV show, or take a short walk outside (if you can). You could even plan a virtual lunch date with a friend!”


Multimedia Producer and Photographer

Peregrine documents and gives audiovisual context to the life and mission of the University and its students, faculty and global community through original content creation, sourcing of materials, event coverage and creative collaboration. As an AUP double alumna, she loves to promote all aspects of her alma mater with her tools of the trade.

Peregrine's remote working strategy: 

"In the Comms team, we hold a daily morning challenge to get the team talking and keep up a positive office atmosphere; our first challenge was to share an object with the team that brings you joy, Marie Kondo–style!"


Director of Communications

Kilian is AUP's Director of Communications. Don't hesitate to get in touch with him to discuss how the Office of Communications can help your unit or department promote an event or project through AUP's website or social media.

Kilian's remote working strategy:

"It’s important to maintain a routine when working remotely. Usually, commuting to and from work bookends your day and helps you get in a work mindset, but that's not really an option right now! Daily morning and evening check-ins allow everyone to structure their day around a common meeting, and they also provide some much needed social interaction."