L'Esprit français - Contre-cultures en France 1969-1989

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 08:00 to Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 20:00

Venue name: La Maison Rouge - Fondation Antoine de Galbert

Address: 10 boulevard de la Bastille

Opening hours: 11am-7pm Wed, Fri-Sun; 11am-9pm Thur

Price: €10

Event phone: 01 40 01 08 81

Event website: http://www.lamaisonrouge.org

La maison rouge presents L’esprit français – Countercultures, 1969-1989, a thematic group exhibition that draws on research by its curators Guillaume Désanges and François Piron.


In post-May 1968 France, the social, sexual and aesthetic freedoms imagined in the 1960s took militant form, while politically the country remained set in a quasi status quo. The situation made itself felt in different forms of counterculture, with popular culture such as film, rock music, comics, television and graffiti influencing as never before the more traditional cultural productions of literature, philosophy and the visual arts. A nebula of subversive practices came into being, aided and abetted by a developing media, and marked by a blend of idealism and nihilism, caustic humour and eroticism, darkness and hedonism, all a part of this countercultural "French spirit".