Fall 2020 Confinement FAQ

This page aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns that students and parents will have in the weeks to come. We encourage you to reach out to the respective offices and support services at AUP, should you have any additional questions that aren't addressed below. 

  • List of pharmacies that perform the new ART test (Antigenic Rapid Test)
  • If you have to self-isolate, use our delivery services list to get what you need.
  • If you are looking for a laboratory to get a PCR test, please consult our Covid testing centers document.
  • For all health-related questions, please contact the AUP Office of Health and Wellness at healthataup.edu.
  • For other concerns related to balancing your academics with your health and wellbeing, please contact an AUP Guidance Counselor: Pamela Montfort (pmontfortataup.edu) or Charlotte Vernier (cvernierataup.edu).
  • Contact International SOS for 24/7 support and advice or to speak with a doctor: +33 1 55 63 36 35



As of October 30, 2020, all AUP classes are held online until further notice. For additional questions about academics, please contact provostataup.edu.

Will classes resume in-person after confinement finishes on December 1?

Classes will resume in-person on December 1 if the French government allows it. AUP will continue to follow official guidance.

Will the 2021 Spring semester be taught in person?

AUP is planning to teach classes in person in Spring 2021 on our regular academic calendar unless French government regulations do not permit us to do so. Continuing students will have the option to attend remotely. 

Can I access student and academic support services remotely?

Yes, please navigate to the current student gateway, where links to important support services have been made readily available to students. 

I signed up for a Cultural Program study trip. Will it go ahead? If it is canceled, will I be refunded?

The Cultural Program monitors Covid-19 and safety protocols daily and will run trips and excursions whenever possible. If a Cultural Program Study Trip is canceled by AUP for security or Covid-19 related reasons, you will be fully refunded.

Will exams take place remotely or in person?

Exams can be taken either on site or remotely, as per the Academic Calendar. The Final Exam schedule anticipates that a large proportion of students will take exams remotely and professors are preparing asynchronous examinations methods for students located in time zones incompatible with the scheduled final exam time You can find your final exam schedule time on your Student Portal under “My Schedule”. 

If all classes are moved to remote teaching and I am staying in Paris, do I need to declare a change of learning status?

If you are staying in Paris to attend classes remotely as a result of the confinement measures, you do not need to submit a change of status location form. Your location status should remain as On-site. AUP’s administration will know that you are still on French territory.  


I’m in a time zone that means I cannot attend my classes synchronously remotely. Whom do I notify?

Once you submit your change of status location webform your location status and timezone will be automatically updated in your student profile. This information will be reflected on your professor's roster and you should also contact them directly about your attendance to synchronous courses. The submission of this webform will trigger an automatic notification to the concerned AUP administrative services.

Will there be changes to my class schedule as a result of these announcements?

We do not expect to make changes to the class schedule. The Fall schedule was built taking into consideration the possibility of classes having to be taught fully remotely and attended by students located in different time zones. As such, almost all courses have a morning session and an afternoon session, enabling students to attend synchronous courses at least once a week.


Will the AUP Library and other on-campus study spaces be accessible to students during confinement?

The AUP Library will be open to students by appointment only. You can make an appointment on the Library's LibCal: https://aup.libcal.com/appointments/library. The campus is otherwise closed to students during confinement.

I am encountering difficulties connecting to my classes remotely. Who can I ask for help?

You can consult the IT Services FAQ here: https://my.aup.edu/it-services/faq or contact The IT Services team at helpdeskataup.edu or 01 40 62 06 96. They will be able to help you remotely. 

If I changed my learning location to remote and the confinement ends in December, will I be able to return to in-person classes?

Yes, Academic Affairs will allow you to return to in-person classes if confinement ends before the end of the semester.



For additional questions about housing, please contact housingataup.edu.  

I am housed through AUP’s housing option. Will I get reimbursed if I choose to leave my accommodation early?

Unfortunately we will not be unable to issue a refund for students in our housing, given that the rooms were reserved for the full semester. 

If I choose to leave Paris, is there a place I can store my belongings? Can I keep them in my AUP accommodation?

Students are being advised to take all their belongings with them if they choose to leave. Neither AUP nor the residences will be able to move, ship, or store students’ belongings. If you have already reserved the same room for the spring, then yes, you may leave your belongings.  

My AUP housing option does not include access to a kitchen or cooking supplies. How can I prepare food?

You should have been contacted by AUP on Friday Oct 30 with a meal delivery plan. If you did not receive the information, please contact housingataup.edu.

If I have a disagreement with my roommate, will I be able to change accommodations during confinement?

Please contact us directly at housingataup.edu to discuss these kinds of issues so that we may recommend and appropriate solution. 

I have friends living in the same AUP housing option as me. Am I allowed to visit their rooms?

No, the French government rules for confinement do not permit any kind of social gathering.  

What do I do if my lease runs out before confinement ends?

Please contact us directly at housingataup.edu so we may help to troubleshoot a solution with you.

I have moved out of my apartment. Am I able to move back in during confinement?

From what we know to date, moving into a new apartment during confinement is allowed. However, visiting a new prospective apartment is not.  



The new rules and regulations for the confinement will be in place from October 30 to December 1, 2020, at which point the French government will decide whether or not it needs to extend the confinement period.

Where can I find an English explanation of the rules and regulations of the current confinement?

The French government has prepared an official website where all rules and regulations are explained in English: https://www.gouvernement.fr/en/coronavirus-covid-19 

How long is this confinement period supposed to last?

The confinement is scheduled to last 4 weeks (October 30 – December 1), but it may be extended. 

Where can I find the attestation dérogatoire necessary to leave my accommodations?

https://www.gouvernement.fr/en/coronavirus-covid-19 or via the TousAntiCovid app, which is available on Android and iOS.  

Where can I download the TousAntiCovid mobile application?

You can download the application on your mobile app store or directly at https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus/tousanticovid.

What are the application's benefits?

You can download the attestation to go out, receive the latest Covid-related news from the French health ministry, find locations to be tested and view the latest statistics related to Covid cases in France.

What should I do if my roommates aren’t respecting the rules of confinement or are not social distancing properly?

Please contact Student Development at studentdevelopmentataup.edu.

I have left France for the remainder of the 2020 Fall semester. Is it too early to book my flight back for Spring 2021?

We suggest you check with your airline. Courses start on Jan. 18 so you still have some time before booking.



For additional questions about health and safety, please contact healthataup.edu.  

Where can I get support if I have concerns about my health?

Any students who believe they may have been exposed to Covid-19 or who develop any of the common symptoms – coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever – should immediately contact International SOS (01 55 63 36 35) or their local helpline for advice and support as well as informing the AUP Health Office (01 40 62 05 77 or healthataup.edu). Working with International SOS and local medical networks, the Health Office can assist in setting up appointments with appropriate medical specialists for screening and care in English or French.

What does my AUP health insurance cover?

During your studies, you are covered by MSH insurance. MSH covers emergency medical expenses fully, and non-urgent medical expenses partially, for all countries outside of France apart from the USA. MSH also covers you in the USA, but only for emergencies. This emergency medical benefit covers treatment for an unexpected illness or any bodily injury caused by a sudden event, but will not provide coverage for routine checkups or physicals. Emergencies outside of France are covered up to a maximum of French standard rates.

Always keep all your bills, receipts and prescriptions and send them to:

Health Office
6, rue du Colonel Combes
75007 Paris

For those of you who are covered by MSH only, you can upload your claims directly on the MSH website. You will find instructions on how to do so here (watch the second video). If you need assistance, contact healthataup.edu

If you are covered by Social Security, you have to send us your original claims by mail.

Whom should I contact if I need additional support?
  • Academic Affairs – for remote learning issues – Sinead Foley, sfoleyataup.edu
  • Academic Resource Center – for BlackBoard support and learning accommodations, arcataup.edu
  • Health Office – for advice, support and appointments with health professionals – 01 40 62 05 77 or healthataup.edu
  • International SOS – for assistance if you are not feeling well – 01 55 63 36 35
  • Graduate Students – Anna O’Reardon, aoreardonataup.edu
  • IT Services – for help with technology, software and remote learning resources, helpdeskataup.edu or 01 40 62 06 96
  • Office of the Registrar – for course registration and matters related to your classes – Pauline Bonnot, pbonnotataup.edu
  • Residential Life – for issues or concerns regarding your housing situation – Jennifer Larsen, housingataup.edu
  • Student Development – for personal problems or general help – Yann Louis, studentdevelopmentataup.edu or 01 40 62 06 30
  • Student Guidance Counseling – for counseling services and psychological help – Pamela Montfort, pmontfortataup.edu or Charlotte Vernier, cvernierataup.edu 
How can I make an appointment to get a Covid PCR test?

Bookings are not currently possible for immediate testing. Appointments ahead of time (in case of travels for example) can be made at https://www.doctolib.fr/centre-depistage-covid/paris/laboratoirereaumur

Are flu shots available and are they covered by AUP’s insurance?

Pharmacies are out of stock at the moment but we’ll make sure to send you a communication when the vaccines are once again made available to the general public. They will be reimbursed by MSH like any other medicine, providing a doctor’s prescription. Costs range from 6 to 11€

What does self-quarantine entail?

Please consult our Quarantine and Self-Isolation FAQ.:

How can I make an appointment with AUP’s guidance counselors?

The guidance counselors will be available to meet with you remotely throughout the week during the confinement period and until the end of the semester. Book an appointment online

Will I be able to access other mental health professionals remotely?

Yes, absolutely. Our two off-campus counselors remain available to meet with you. These consultations are financially covered by AUP and can be scheduled via the Student Guidance Counselors or by contacting the off-campus therapists directly. It is not necessary to share the reason(s) of the visit when scheduling an appointment, unless the student chooses to. 

Our entire network of specialists in Paris will also continue to meet with AUP students. Speak to an AUP guidance counselor for more information.   

Am I still required to attend classes remotely if I have tested positive for Covid 19?

Yes, albeit remotely. If you are experiencing symptoms or you are not well, please contact the Health Office for support (healthataup.edu

Am I still able to visit the Health Office on campus?

Not for the time being. Health Office staff can meet with you via Teams and help to schedule doctors appointments. Write to them at healthataup.edu.

If I stay in France, what should I do if I am sick?

Contact International ISOS (01 55 63 36 35) during the weekends or the AUP Health Office (01 40 62 05 77 or healthataup.edu ) during office hours for support.  

If I am in France and have been in contact with someone who has tested positive what should I do?

Please consult our Covid-19 testing diagram.


Daily Life

For additional questions about daily life, please contact studentdevelopmentataup.edu

Can I order a home delivery of groceries?

Yes, you can order food online through Amazon, Carrefour, and all the big French grocery stores.  Meal delivery is easy through Deliveroo and Uber Eats.  Many restaurants will be providing takeout as well, which you can go to pick up. 

Use our delivery services list to get what you need.  

I have a Carte Navigo that I won't be able to use. Can I cancel it?

You can temporarily suspend an Annual Navigo pass.  

Last spring it was possible to seek reimbursement for any Navigo Pass that could not be used during the confinement period. Similar measures have not yet been announced but updates can be found here

Can I have friends over if we are fewer than six people?

No, all gatherings are suspended, from small, familial ones to large ones.

Can I go outside for a walk or run?

Yes, leaving the house to exercise is permitted, within 1km of your home and with a valid attestation.

Am I allowed to do outdoor team sports?

No collective sports are allowed.

Can I go to a phone store (Free Mobile, SFR, Bouygues, Orange)

Yes, phone stores are open, you will have to check the second box on the attestation. You can also buy a Free sim card online http://mobile.free.fr/ and have it delivered within three days to your apartment.


Campus Access

The campus is closed to students as of October 30, 2020 and students may only access a few on-campus services (e.g. library, mailbox) via appointment. 

Will I be allowed to come to campus?

You will be permitted on campus in specific cases and by appointment, including picking up a book from the Library or checking your student mailbox.

Please make sure to carry the appointment document sent by the library or the mailroom staff with you and also fill out an attestation (check the first box) 


How can I make an appointment to check my student mailbox?

You should make an appointment via LibCal at https://aup.libcal.com/appointments/mailservices 

Please make sure to carry the appointment document sent by the mailroom staff with you and also fill out an attestation (check the first box). 

How can I make an appointment to come to the Library?

You can make an appointment on the Library's LibCal: https://aup.libcal.com/appointments/library.

Please make sure to carry the appointment document sent by the library staff with you and also fill out an attestation (check the first box). 



I’m leaving Paris and will be attending classes remotely from elsewhere. Whom do I notify?

You should submit your change of status location webform. Your location status and time zone will be automatically updated in your student profile. This information will be reflected on your professor's roster and you should also contact them directly about your attendance to synchronous courses. The submission of this webform will trigger an automatic notification to the concerned AUP administrative services. 

Will non-EU nationals be able to return to France from within the Schengen area during confinement?


Can I travel back to my home country at any point during the confinement?


Can I leave Paris during the confinement period if I decide to stay with friends elsewhere in France?