Fall 2022: Health and Safety Policies

Policies Governing Health and Safety at AUP

Valid as of August 26, 2022

AUP students will be expected to follow all French government health recommendations for preventive measures that inhibit the transmission of Covid-19 in addition to all applicable policies outlined below.  

Staff responsible for university security (including members of the Leadership Team; the Director of Human Resources; and Phil von Eiff, the AUP Security Coordinator, and members of his team) will have the authority to refuse access to buildings or spaces to anyone who refuses to comply with AUP’s health policies.  


Masks and Campus Access 

  • Masks are not required, but recommended in the classrooms
  • Hand sanitizer is supplied in dispensers at the entrances to buildings, in all classrooms, and in offices that receive visitors. 


Offices, Classrooms and Common Areas 

  • The policy of keeping all doors open wherever possible throughout campus remains in effect. If confidentiality requires that an office door be closed when a faculty member or staff member is meeting with a student, only the owner of the office should touch the inside door handle to close and open the door. In classrooms, where doors will likely need to be closed because of noise, the professor should be the person opening and closing the door.  
  • The University will ensure the cleaning of common areas twice daily, paying special attention to doorknobs and railings, elevators and stairwells, and other commonly used areas.  
  • Faculty, staff and students should open windows as often as possible, or leave them open if outside noise does not impede the work being accomplished in the classroom.   
  • Fans must not be used when more than one person is present in the room.  



  • Events of over 25 people in appropriate rooms on campus are now permitted.  
  • Food and drink are now permitted at all events, but participants still need to adhere to all safety protocols. 
  • Any student-organized events will require advance approval from the Office of Student Leadership.   


AMEX Café 

  • Seating arrangements in the AMEX Café will return to the pre-Covid setup, allowing for more than two students at a table. 
  • Access to the AMEX Café’s terrace has been restored.