AUP celebrates Student Media

April 30, 2015

During this academic year, student media at AUP has seen an incredible transformation. While it has always been one of the university's largest student-run organizations, AUP Student Media (ASM) took a leap in its development by uniting its 3 pillars under the well-known Peacock brand. What is now called Peacock Media, consists of three distinct forms of media, notably print, digital and video production. Students continue to create the glossy print Peacock Magazine once a year, but significant changes were made to AUP TV, which is now known as Peacock TV and the student platform, which has become the Peacock Post, an online newspaper for AUP campus and world news. The more traditional Paris/Atlantic will still be produced in the spring semester and remains an important creative piece to the otherwise often news-driven Peacock Media products.

A curriculum that complements student media

Over the years, ASM has seen good and bad times, often depending on the level of commitment and passion of the students running the organization. The administration at AUP recently realized that an increased involvement of faculty and staff could facilitate and help students with the production of student-driven media. In an initiative mainly led by Kevin Fore, Assistant Dean of Student Services and Matthew Fraser, Associate Professor, Department of Global Communications, AUP created three student media workshops to offer students an opportunity to get involved in dynamic teams, overseen by knowledgeable and professional faculty/staff, producing multi-platform journalism. Students take on leadership roles and gain real world newsroom experience, improving their skills as future journalists. The success of this initiative can be seen today by looking at the quality and diversity of student media products that have been produced over the course of the last year. 

Student Media Launch Party 2015

To celebrate this development and the success that it has yielded, ASM organized this year's Student Media Launch Party in the recently renovated AMEX Cafe in the Combes building. The event turned out to be just as successful as the publications, videos and news stories that students had produced all year long. Besides a large part of the student body, faculty and staff, President Celeste Schenck was also in attendance. During her speech, she specifically mentioned the exceptional work of the student leaders of this initiative and the representatives of faculty and staff. Stephen Szmed, AUP student and contributor to Peacock TV, captured the event in the short video that you can find below. Congratulations to AUP Student Media for a fantastic year of exciting student-driven media production!