AUP Launches a New Snapchat Geofilter!

October 22, 2015

AUP begins the second half of the Fall semester with our own Snapchat Geofilter! The filter, displaying the AUP logo, is active all over campus and even reaches as far as just past the Eiffel tower, and over to the other side of the river. In the two weeks that it has been live, the AUP Snapchat account has gained around 250 followers. It is run by the Communications Office with the assistance of four dedicated students who update the snapchat story to show current and prospective students what is happening on AUP campus at that moment.

Snapchat CollageA selection of snaps from excited students this week.

The Communications Office will soon be launching a contest for a new Geofilter design which will be open to the entire student body and will have a prize for the winner. In the meantime, follow @aupsnaps to keep up to date with everything AUP-related!