Baytna à Vous, an AUP club centered on the refugee crisis

October 30, 2015

Baytna à Vous (BV), a club centered on the Syrian Refugee Crisis at AUP, launched on October 27th with an informative and delicious event. It began with a short presentation about the current conditions in and around Syria, the aims and goals of BVSyria, followed by short clips of the personal lives of individual Syrian refugees. After having been introduced to the local Syrian NGOs that they are working with, the members of BV went on to explain how the rest of the student body can get involved. The 45+ attendees were invited into the next room where a long table of Arabic delicacies and beverages awaited them. There was also an information table set up, providing the guests with all the necessary informative pamphlets and documents such as ‘The Syrian Crisis for Dummies’ as well as the aims and drives behind the NGOs, CODDSY and Souria Houria. Both graduates and undergraduate students were given an opportunity to apply for roles as members or as volunteers. Baytna à Vous is happy to report that it received 30 applicants during the event. The tabel panel also included a donation box, where they received 40 euros that will be sent out to sponsor students' education in Syria and its neighbours. If you were not able to attend the event and want to find out more, please contact the members on or find them on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow BV on Instagram @BVsyria! 

Baytna à Vous event