Professor Philip Golub spearheads AUP’s involvement in "Colloque Chine et Environnement” conference

November 3, 2015

As the upcoming UN Conference on Climate change places the spotlight once again on global environmental policy, AUP Professor Philip Golub will be spearheading AUP’s participation in the Colloque Chine et Environnement conference to be held in May 2016. Professor Golub’s co-authored chapter in the 2012 book Ethics and Global Environmental Policy, entitled “Overcoming the Planetary Prisoner’s Dilemma: Cosmopolitan Ethos and Pluralist Cooperation” focuses on the negotiating positions of China and the United States and suggests a political and philosophical framework to push the climate change negotiating frontier further. This scholarship is germane to the conference focus on how to move forward to secure a global environmental agreement with China, and professor Golub will sit on several committees that help the conference recommend approaches to achieve this goal. Given the importance of China’s role in the development of global environmental policy, the Colloque Chine et Environment will attract scholars from major international universities and organizations.

In keeping with the focus on China, Professor Golub’s upcoming book entitled East Asia’s Reemergence, to be published by Polity Press in early 2016, will take further the discussion of the economic rebalancing between East and West and its implications for world politics. Combining an interesting historical narrative of the remarkable ascent of East Asia with a social theory perspective, the book will be an invaluable guide for AUP students and the broader public to understanding one of the biggest issues the world faces today.