AUP Runs Media at UNESCO Youth Forum

November 5, 2015

This year, 25 students from AUP's Student Media department were invited to provide on the ground news coverage at UNESCO's 9th Annual Youth Forum. Young people from all around the world are nominated to attend the forum by their local UNESCO National Commission Offices. By August, all of the participants have already been nominated and begin planning their journeys to Paris. Five hundred applicants are chosen from 159 UNESCO member states to join in the conference. The participants come together to create a list of recommendations for nations regarding issues such as climate change and human rights. These recommendations are then presented the week following the forum. 

UNESCO forum

The AUP students who volunteered to organize media communications for the forum were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the conference. Over the course of three days, AUP students produced three digital newsletters in both English and French, as well as one print magazine. Peacock TV was involved in producing videos showing the highlights from each day of the forum. They had the opportunity to work with actor Cillian Murphy and even to film videos for BBC Arabic. Check out the newsletters and magazines produced here.