AUP's Baytna à Vous raises over €1200 for refugees!

February 15, 2016

AUP's Baytna à Vous is a student-led initiative founded by graduate students whose objective is to raise awareness about the Syrian conflict and its devastating impact on the increase in the number of refugees fleeing their country. Baytna à Vous was founded in Fall 2015 with the intention to provide help and support to the basic needs of refugees as they arrive in their new homes (baytna in Arabic), and to raise awareness about the refugee crisis in Europe and especially in France. In November 2015, Baytna à Vous invited CODSSY, a French-Syrian NGO, to participate in AUP's annual thanksgiving celebration at the American church of Paris and collected 634.00 euros in donations towards CODSSY’s Alphabet project! At the opening of the Thanksgiving dinner, students Muhammad Jabur and co-founder of Baytna à Vous, Habiba Belguedj recited 'Surat al Fatiha' and 'Surat Al Nas' from the Qu’ran. This was a very moving moment that AUP's students, staff, faculty and President appreciated and cherished. You can read more about this event in an article written by Habiba Belguedj and published on CODSSY's website.

This semester, Baytna à Vous has continued to raise funds for refugees by teaming up with the SGA to sell candygrams! They raised €636.60 in 4 days! Baytna à Vous will send this money towards CODSSY's "Taaleem" project. This project concerns a school located in the northwestern part of Syria, in the city of Maaret al-Nu'man, that has seen a lot of damage over the past 2 years. The school reached out to CODSSY for funds to help  provide food relief, medical supplies, school materials, housing assistance and financial assistance for the 310 children (from first grade to fifth grade) and 15 staff members (teachers, administrative staff and service agent) that are courageously working everyday to keep the school standing. On behalf of Baytna à Vous and CODSSY, thank you all for your efforts and contribution!


On behalf of BVSyria and CODSSY, thank you all for your efforts and contribution to this event.

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