AUP's BYSyria Raises 983.22€ with Candy Sale

November 10, 2016

In just four days, AUP club Baytna à Vous (BVSyria) fundraised an incredible 983.22€ with their candy-sale in Combes. This money will be donated to the humanitarian organization, CODSSY, whose goal it is to help all victims of the Syrian conflict. CODSSY has already built 11 schools in Syria, benefitting around 3200 students. Not only are new schools established, CODSSY also works to ensure the quality of education given. These schools primarily work with students who have fallen behind due to the Syrian conflict. By building schools, CODSSY also hopes to form positive social environments for young people living in Syria. BVSyria's members and AUP student volunteers have done an amazing job and BVSyria would like to thank the entire AUP community for supporting this project.

For more information about BVSyria, email bysyria @aup.eduMembers of BYSyria work the candy sale