Creative Writing Inaugural Student and Alumni Reading

November 21, 2016

On the evening of November 10, one of those Paris specialties where it’s just windy enough and just rainy enough that it feels like a personal insult, a stalwart group came together for The B.A. in Creative Writing Inaugural Student and Alumni Reading. As Professor Jeffrey Greene observed at the start, regardless of one’s political sentiments, the post-American election week had been a time of soul-searching and questioning for many. “Writing has always been a way to make sense of a world that often defies definition.” 

Led by the evening’s moderator, Claudia Galtes ’16, readers spoke on topics that covered a dizzying array of life experiences: the thoughts and fears that spring to life in the wee hours of the morning; recalling a father’s childhood tales as a woman of color in a post-Donald Trump America; the unique challenges of getting STD testing in France (read in a Miami accent, no less); the reasons your boyfriend from Nice provides for ditching; a moment among family members in a kitchen in Nigeria. These pieces were interspersed with recorded readings sent in by alumni from all over the world (including a Japanese-sword-enthusiast-poet-from-Germany, who is now completing an MFA at Columbia University) as well as a trailer for L’homme au piano, a tri-lingual feature film written by Olivia Baes ’13 & ’15, directed by Chauncey Alan ’13, and co-starring Olivia with Jorge Franco IV ’15.

It’s not always an easy thing, asking people to sit and listen to a slew of readings. On this occasion however, thanks to the intimacy of the setting, the receptiveness of the audience and the sheer quality of the creations presented, a real connection had been established between artist and spectator, one that spilled over into discussions over snacks and on inevitable trudges home.

Congratulations to all of the evening’s participants!

  • Guillermo Adrian
  • Alen Bejko
  • Danica Cortez
  • Tyler Freeland
  • Melissa Halabe
  • Lara Lyzbeth
  • Khadja Sanusi
  • Elijah Sevier
  • Sara Stokes
  • Sarah Jane Worthington
  • Claudia Galtes
  • Chauncey Alan
  • Olivia Baes
  • Maxi Donicht
  • Gabi Flam
  • Jorge Franco IV
  • Rachel Neilsen
  • Natalie Stamatopoulos

Creative Writing Inauguration
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