'Colourful Syria' Exhibiton Still Has Artwork Available to Purchase

December 5, 2016

On November 29 2016, the Art Department held an auction on artwork created by Syrian children. The money raised went towards buying art supplies for Syrian children in refugee camps and war-torn cities. Those who either attended the auction or called in bids were very generous and, thanks to them, several art workshops will receive more supplies in the coming weeks. However, there are still many beautiful drawings to be purchased. If you are interested in organising a viewing of the full collection and buying a drawing to help Syrian children live a happy “childhood moment” please contact Jonathan Shimony at:  j.shimony@gmail.com or call 06 85 74 59 31.
Drawings are priced at 15 euros for unframed works and 30 euros for framed works. All purchases are tax deductible.
Colourful Syria Artwork