Sean Casey

Junior Lecturer

  • Department: International and Comparative Politics
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Sean Casey (Visiting Lecturer - Department of International and Comparative Politics) currently serves as the Trauma Coordinator for World Health Organization in Iraq – coordinating emergency medical care, referrals and follow-up for conflict-related traum. Prior to joining the WHO, Casey worked in a number of roles with humanitarian NGO International Medical Corps. Most recently, he led IMC's Emergency Response Unit, overseeing emergency preparedness and response efforts across the agency. Originally from Pennsylvania, Casey is a seasoned humanitarian, having worked on emergency response efforts in Haiti (2016), West Africa (2014/2015) Ukraine (2014), the Philippines (2013/2014), Mali (2013) and South Sudan (2012), among others. In April 2015, Casey was in Nepal when the 7.8 earthquake struck, and immediately mobilized medical teams, reaching the epicenter within hours. In addition to working on the West Africa Ebola outbreak, Casey has led responses to several other infectious disease outbreaks, including HIV/AIDS in Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan), Cholera in Haiti, and Hepatitis E in South Sudan. In addition to emergency response, Casey has also worked extensively on human rights and health, including: LGBT rights and protections in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; post-conflict mental health in Iraq, Jordan and Sri Lanka; child protection in Haiti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sri Lanka and Burundi; and economic empowerment in Haiti, Burundi and Sri Lanka. Casey holds a B.A. in International Communications from the American University of Paris and an MPhil in HIV/AIDS and Society from the University of Cape Town. Casey has lived in eleven countries and worked in more than twenty others. He speaks French, Spanish and Haitian Creole.