Paris as Classroom

Alexandra Marin

Internship Spotlight: International Chamber of Commerce

I know for sure that an international environment is ideal for me.

Alexandra Marin

Alexandra Marin studied for an MA in Diplomacy and International Law at AUP. Her six-month internship with the International Chamber of Commerce confirmed her career goal of working in a Paris-based international political organization.

What were you most looking for in an internship?

It’s long been my dream to work for an international political organization. That’s part of the reason why I came to Paris; it has so many of them! From the OECD to UNESCO. AUP offered practical experiences in relevant professional settings, such as The Hague Practicum and Summer Institute for Human Rights. I wanted to intern somewhere similar, so I spoke to Professor Susan Perry about finding the right internship; I don’t have words to describe how wonderful she is! My practical experience helped me stand out from the crowd, and I secured a role with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

What role does the ICC play in international politics?

I chose the ICC role because it made use of my background in international politics and government while maintaining a strong economic focus. In a nutshell, the ICC regulates international trade, producing qualitative reports and policy guidelines for businesses and enterprises. It’s international coordination on a global scale. I divided my time between the Commission on Arbitration and the Institute of World Business Law, which uses training and research to foster the development of law and business practices through close cooperation between practitioners and scholars.

How would you define you responsibilities as an intern?

My tasks vary depending on the day, but I mostly help with research for reports or organization for events, including for a major Commission meeting in Miami, alongside administrative tasks. One project I’m working on with the Institute is a €10,000 award for an exceptional dissertation in international business law. Even as an intern, I have been given serious responsibilities, and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. It’s very satisfying to have that impact at a large organization. It’s a very healthy work environment too!

What impact has your internship had on your career plans?

It’s confirmed them! I definitely want to work in an international organization – and I want to do it in Paris. AUP taught me adaptability and gave me an appreciation of diversity. It really has been the most fruitful educational experience I’ve ever had. I know for sure that working in an international environment is ideal for me. And I’m in love with the city!

What appeals to you most about Paris?

France has kept its traditions while being open to internationalism. I love that I can both explore French culture and interact with people from all over the world. There’s always something to do in Paris. You can explore museums and art galleries, soak up the architecture – or just sit on a café terrace and enjoy a coffee! French culture has encouraged me to live in the moment and enjoy my free time. I’ve learned so much about how to appreciate the small things.