Adaptable Communicators with a Global Perspective

Core Capability: Adaptable Communicators with a Global Perspective

Develop communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with others while expanding your cross-cultural understanding of the world by exploring beyond our campus. You will understand that exciting ideas and valid viewpoints are articulated in a multiplicity of languages across a variety of cultures. You will explore the interdependent world that we live in and how your actions can make a difference. Identify grassroots efforts locally or further afield to tackle complicated issues at a global level. Show that you have engaged directly with the histories, perspectives and contemporary realities of the places you visit, whether in Paris or halfway around the world.

  • Exhibit your multilingual capabilities
  • Demonstrate your cross-cultural awareness
  • Curate a culturally sensitive, curious outlook
  • Work effectively in a diverse, multicultural environment
  • Expand your global worldview


Capability Requirements

Participate in two of these activities, representing at least 30 hours combined

Activities Validating Office
Cultural Program Study Trip Cultural Program
Internship in Non-Native Language Center for Academic, Internship and Career Advising
Les Jeunes ont la Parole Academic Affairs
Volunteer Work in Non-Native Language Student Leadership Office
Other: Personal Project (pre-approved) GPS Committee

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